Bigstream partners with Intel to bring Hyperacceleration to Intel multi-core CPUs and FPGAs

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by Maysam Lavasani

Today, I am pleased to welcome Intel as a strategic partner in our efforts to bring seamless Hyper-acceleration of Big Data platforms to market, powered by Intel multi-core CPUs and FPGAs. Read the press release. This new partnership covers a variety of business functions including sales and marketing, customer engagement, support, and product development.

Both companies expect to benefit from the synergies between Intel’s industry leading CPU, FPGA and server technologies, and Bigstream’s transparent Hyper-acceleration of Big Data platforms such as Apache Spark, Kafka and TensorFlow. The Intel/Bigstream partnership also brings with it a true sense of entrepreneurship and bold, innovative thinking that is creating something absolutely new in the fast moving world of Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.

Our partnership with Intel has already yielded a wealth of market and industry knowledge that has helped us define and evolve our product direction and business model. For Intel, Bigstream harnesses the power of Intel FPGAs without the complexity of low-level programming. This brings greater flexibility to the rapidly changing AI/ML/DL algorithm landscape, and the versatility of an acceleration platform that functions in customer data centers or in public cloud environments.

With this collaboration, we feel energized about bringing new levels of performance and low-latency responsiveness to the new generation of big data applications that will play such an important role in the global digital transformation.



To understand Bigstream Hyper-acceleration, read the whitepaper.

Bigstream Hyper-acceleration Layer is available for a 30-day free trial.

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