A New Era of Data Acceleration

Bigstream is the catalyst that aligns Apache Spark with compute infrastructure to optimize performance. Its approach is flexible across different data platforms and different hardware environments.

Flexible Approach to Acceleration

There’s a huge opportunity to improve performance on data software platforms like Apache Spark, particularly with the help of specialized hardware beyond the CPU.

However, hardware acceleration has been inaccessible to all but a few companies because:

  • programming requires complex hardware design knowledge, and
  • it has required users to change their Spark code.

Bigstream solves both of these.

Bigstream is the leader in hyperacceleration, which provides multiple acceleration options without impacting Spark code.

This opens Spark to benefit from hardware like field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and computational storage. Bigstream’s insights into the compute environment also brings efficiency and acceleration with software alone and existing CPUs.

Introducing Hyperacceleration

  • FPGA
  • Computational Storage / Smart SSD
  • Software Only (Many-core CPU optimization)

Flexible Deployment

Cloud or On-Premises

Bigstream accelerates Spark environments whether they are in your data center or in a cloud environment.

  • Cloud

    Amazon EMR
    Amazon EC2 with F1 FPGA instances

  • On-Premises

    Apache Spark (open-source)
    Cloudera Spark

Diagnose Performance Issues - xRay

Spark jobs are complex. xRay is a Spark profiling tool that gives analysis and visualizations on your Spark applications and opportunities for acceleration.

See a breakdown of each Spark task

Compare two separate Spark jobs side-by-side: a great way to see the impact of Bigstream Hyperacceleration or simple configuration changes

Deliver Results

Fast Insights

Jobs run up to 10X faster without changing your Apache Spark code, increasing data science productivity and the ability to meet tight SLAs

Enriched Analytics

Incorporate fuller data sets and more data sources by eliminating the bottlenecks forcing you to make compromises

Lower TCO

Instead of scale-out and scale-up, optimize your existing Spark environment with Bigstream, lowering hardware and operating expenses

Zero Code Change Means Fast Implementation

The value of Bigstream is that it provides the communication and translation between Spark code and the computing environment. This means you can be up and running in minutes.

Add Bigstream to AWS EMR Spark jobs

Instant acceleration

Add Bigstream and shift your AWS EC2 instance

Instant POC with FPGAs

Bigstream software-only in your on-prem Spark cluster

POC today

Samsung SmartSSD

Start small and scale

FPGA - Xilinx Alveo

Add to your existing cluster or as you grow