AWS EC2 with Apache Spark and Bigstream

Up to 10X Faster Spark

Whether you run open source, Cloudera, or another distribution, Bigstream speeds your Spark jobs by up to 10x on EC2

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Hyperacceleration = Accelerated processing + Zero code change

Hyperacceleration improves performance of data platforms like Apache Spark by automatically optimizing them with compute hardware.

The flexible approach gives access to cloud hardware like AWS’s F1 FPGA instances with no impact on user Spark code.

Rein in Your AWS Bills

In the cloud, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is simple. Time really is money when cutting job completion time directly cuts your cloud usage costs.


Choose a Better Instance

Amazon provides a variety of instance types to balance the mix of compute, memory, and storage. Adding FPGAs to the equation provides a much bigger performance boost.

Easily add AWS F1 instances with FPGAs to your Spark on EC2 deployment and see immediate results.

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Zero Code Change Means Stay with Spark

The value of Bigstream is that it automatically provides the communication and translation between Spark code and the computing environment.

While other acceleration approaches force you to alter your code or switch platforms entirely, with Bigstream your Spark code remains 100% unchanged.

Deliver Results

Fast Insights

Jobs run up to 10X faster without changing your Apache Spark code, increasing data science productivity and the ability to meet tight SLAs

Enriched Analytics

Incorporate fuller data sets and more data sources by eliminating the bottlenecks forcing you to make compromises

Lower TCO

Instead of scale-out and scale-up, optimize your existing Spark environment with Bigstream, lowering hardware and operating expenses