Through a user-friendly interface, the xRay Spark profiling tool provides analysis and visualizations of your Spark applications. It provides summaries and details, including opportunities for acceleration.

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Spark Profiling Tool

xRay provides user-friendly insights on Spark applications and can be set up in minutes.

  • Detailed Spark Insights
  • Fast Setup
  • Security Compliant
  • Easy to Use

Diagnose Performance Issues - xRay

Spark jobs are complex. xRay is a tool to let you assess your Spark environment and see where there are inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

See a breakdown of each Spark task

Compare two separate Spark jobs side-by-side: a great way to see the impact of Bigstream Hyperacceleration or simple configuration changes

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Deliver Results

Fast Insights

Jobs run up to 10X faster without changing your Apache Spark code, increasing data science productivity and the ability to meet tight SLAs

Enriched Analytics

Incorporate fuller data sets and more data sources by eliminating the bottlenecks forcing you to make compromises

Lower TCO

Instead of scale-out and scale-up, optimize your existing Spark environment with Bigstream, lowering hardware and operating expenses